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Psychedelic Triangles

Psychedelic Triangles Actually, this is an AFM image of nanoplates of some topological insulators.

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Blood Moon September 2015

The Blood Moon September 2015 arose on Sunday, September 27! Here’s photos from up in the hills near where we live. This lunar eclipse occurred on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and was it big and red. The next one is slated to occur in 2033.

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Step Into the Page Short On Virtual Reality

Wow this technology is amazing! The big headset and waving around does look a little funny, but that’s only if one has no idea what is going on. Seeing what the user sees, one immediately realizes how amazing virtual reality can be. I can totally see how an artist would become extremely attached to the […]

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Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund

The Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University: Science can be fun and artsy. The above are images I created several years ago for an image contest at the nmC@LU. The letters are made up of nanowire arrays, and was done in similar way as last week’s Image Spotlight. The nmC@LU and Sweden overall is a great and […]

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September 11, 2001

It’s been a few years, and how things have changed. Or have they? I wrote this email shortly after the events of September 11, 2001 to family and a few friends. I thought I’d put it up here, I’m not sure why now, but it just felt like something I’d like to do (it seems I […]

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Colorful InAs Nanowire Arrays

Colorful InAs Nanowire Arrays Each square above is made up of tiny nanowires, and within each square the nanowires have a fixed diameter (depending on the color, the diameter can be 30 to 100 nanometers). The squares are 50 micrometers by 50 micrometers in size, and the optically visible color is apparent when viewing in an optical microscope. […]

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Cross Molecular Beam – 1986 Nobel Prize

Sometimes, to do new science, build new equipment! Here’s a cross molecular beam apparatus that made possible studies on chemical reaction dynamics. It’s designer, YT Lee and collaborators, were awarded the 1986 Nobel prize in chemistry for their contributions to this field. I had the chance recently to visit this lab, and it was exciting to see the original apparatus, […]

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El Nino…California

California’s in a drought and needs water, but predictions are that there may be plenty to come later in the year. Apparently we’re in for El Niño, the little boy, near the end of 2015. The total precipitable water for the time being though, isn’t all that much for the Bay Area. In contrast, Florida looks completely […]

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Powermat Wireless Charging

I stopped by the Starbucks in San Carlos recently and found that I wasn’t the only thing that could be in for a recharge! Embedded in the table was this powermat that could be used to wirelessly recharge smartphone batteries. A Google search shows that there are a number of devices out there, and one interface […]

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Soap Bubbles!

Wow! Soap Bubbles! How’d he do that? Understanding soap bubbles is apparently no easy task, and mathematically, it boils down to a problem of the materials trying to minimize surface area for a given volume. For soap bubbles, the volume of air enclosed and the air outside forces the soap foam to assume a sphere! […]

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